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Welcome to Beloved Earth LLC...

Beloved Earth LLC is a small business owned and operated by husband and wife team Michael and Sabryna.  We relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area to start this company in 2013 and raise our two children in an area with clean air and water.  It was our dream to have a business that we could do together and support our growing family. 

Micheal’s the third generation providing interior plant services, his grandfather founded Interior Plant Service in 1952 located in San Diego which is now owned and operated by his father and aunt.  He grew up working alongside his grandfather and father in the business and knows interior plants like the back of his hand.  While studying business at UC Berkeley, Micheal gained his tree climbing experience living in the memorial oak grove for over 15 months protesting the university's clear cutting of a historic site.  Gaining tree ninja skills by living a hundred feet off the ground solidified his desire to protect and care for trees.  Michael has over five years experience as an arborist. 

By choosing Beloved Earth LLC for your landscape and interior plant needs you're investing in a small business that directly supports our family.  Your satisfaction is our reputation, we want your happy testimonial.

I am concerned about wildfire risk on my property.  What fire mitigation measures does your arborist recommend to protect my home?


We will make a fire mitigation plan which will remove dangerous trees that are too close to your home. Prune deadwood out of your trees making them less flammable, and remove lower branches to reduce your wildfire risk.


I am not sure if I need a tree removed.  How do I tell?


We love trees!  We know they are living beings.  It is always our preference to prune a tree or leave it be than to do an unwarranted removal.  Our arborist can assist you in making a good decision. 



Why should I pick your company for a free consultation?


Not only are our prices some of the most affordable in the industry but we have a stellar arborist with over five years experience who is safe, and efficient.  Your business supports a small green company that is family owned and supplies our workers a living wage.  We live to make our customers happy. 



I have tree work that needs to be done but am short on cash.  Could you help me out?


We are building our reputation in the Pikes Peak Region and you will find that compared to other licensed tree care companies our prices are very competitive.  We also are open to barter and trade of services.  Ask us!

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