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We are a family owned tree service company offering competitive pricing for the Pikes Peak Region.  We pay our tree care specialists a living wage and are a green company.  


Your satisfaction is our reputation, we want your happy testimonial. 


Tree Services:

- Pruning
- Tree Removal

- Stump Grinding
- Fire Mitigation

- Free Honeybee Removal


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Roots.  They compose a larger portion of trees than many people realize. Sans the mass of the trunk, roots make up approximately half of any given tree’s mass; 40%-60%.   They perform many essential functions as the canopy’s counterpart.  Water and mineral osmosis, foo...

As an arborist I am often faced with the tragic duty of removing lovely healthy trees that are in bad locations due to poor landscape planning. Most often a tree was planted close to a structure when it was small, without consideration as to how large it would become a...

May 23, 2015

For those who are inexperienced when it comes to trees, planting them can be trepidatious at best; frustrating and unfruitful at worst. However with some care, knowledge, and teamwork, tree planting can be a very rewarding experience.



Before you dig, call Colora...

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