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Fall in love with our team...


We've carefully selected our tree service crew.  The first job requirement at Beloved Earth LLC is a love of trees.  The second job requirement is a focus on safety.   

Chance Shaw
Jeremy Zoller

Jeremy is our ISA Certified Arborist.  He is a regular contributor to Beloved Earth LLC's Blog, you can find his writing here.

Chance is our tree climbing specilist and posts regularly to Beloved Earth LLC's facebook page that you can find here..  He has been climbing for 9 years. Chance's favorite tree is a Cherry.  His enjoy's the shoots at Capitin Jacks on his mountian bike.   




Michael Schuck &
Sabryna Holloway

Michael and Sabryna founded Beloved Earth LLC in 2013 after relocating to Colorado Springs from the San Fransisco Bay Area.  Their favorite outdoor space is camping on the Platte River.  Michael and Sabryna's favorite houseplant is the Pathos because they are super air purifiers.  

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